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Talk about delicious unique meals prepared by our experienced chefs.

Enjoying your dinner under the African sky’s blanket of stars is simply incomparable.

We make all of our food in-house, with an emphasis on fresh ingredients. In the kitchen, we can accommodate any dietary preferences or constraints and cook in a way that is nutritiously balanced, good for our health, and practise.

The most thing I like about this classic lounge is the lucky moments when drinking gets interrupted by the astonishing view of wild animals passing just in front of the lounge tent heading to the western corridor of mighty Serengeti.

Highly Recommended!

We stayed in Osion for two nights, while doing a Safari in Serengeti. It was perfect! Just the full experience we were looking for. After a full safari day, the only thing you need is the warm welcome and service that Angel and the other staff give you. The food is unbelievable: just ate one of the best soups of my life. They cook traditional meals but are always ready to prepare anything you want. The tent is spacious, comfortable (the mattress was really soft and all beds have mosquito net) and safe (the staff members always escort you to the room).